Long time no post! Apologies for the delay as I was away on a trip to Japan (visited 8 cities in 20 days woohoo), and have been either stuck in the lab or in the office to be able to go out brunching (or just extremely exhausted on a day off) since I’ve come back. But enough excuses. I’m back with a post on Between, a cafe and eatery that has popped up on K Road. Brought to you from the owners of The Shelf on High (which I also loved), this cute cafe provides you with the decor and ambiance you need for the Instagram aesthetics.


There are a variety of sandwiches on offer, as well as a cabinet of cakes looking every inch as delectable as the ones you’d find at the likes of Miann and Milse.

The menu of this cafe is one that would be convenient for various occasions, whether it just be for tea/ coffee, an actual brunch date, or even just a dessert date. The most intriguing drink would be the iced einspaenner consisting of a cold brew topped with vanilla whipped cream, something I have never seen on any menu before and was sorely tempted to try despite not being a coffee consumer.

Iced Strawberry Plum tea ($7.00)IMG_7096

Iced Mocha ($6.50)IMG_7084-2IMG_7111

Eggs Benedict with free range bacon and baby spinach ($18.00)IMG_7103

Thai Green Prawn pasta – lemongrass, ginger, garlic, spring onions, tiger prawns, green curry paste with coconut cream ($19.00)IMG_7106

The menu features classic cafe menu items and are all guaranteed to satisfy the stomachs. It gives the perfect balance of presentation, taste, and size, and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a new place to try. The slight pet peeve I have is that the place is order-at-the-counter style, rather than being able to peruse and ask questions about the menu without worrying about the line of people behind you.


Between | 82 Karangahape Road, Auckland | Instagram

Between Cafe & Eatery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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