Duck Duck Goose

I’ve always been envious of the abundance of dining options over the shore. My list of places-to-go in that region has been increasing over the years without the usual out-flux of checking them off slowly due to the distance. Duck Duck Goose has only been open for two months but the menu was so creative and intriguing that I was game to make the drive out.

With the kitchen being run by the chef  with well renowned eateries such as Atomic Kitchen, The Store in Britomart, and TriBeCa under his belt, you know the food is going to be good. The cafe was not chaotically busy with a waiting line like those in central CBD (you know which ones I’m talking about), but instead had a nice, relaxed bustle of diners who like me, were probably a little smug about being able to be one of the first ones to spread the word out about it.


For you non-coffee drinkers, the latte and tea section will please you immensely. Colourful lattes are becoming more and more of a staple in cafes these days but DDG has taken it a step further a few more creative options such as the Red Velvet Mocha and Black Sesame Latte (pictured below).

Long Black (bottom left) / Black Sesame Latte (left) / Mocha (right)
Black Sesame Latte ($5.00)

This was subtle, sweet and easy to drink so it makes it a great option for those new to black sesame. If you can’t choose, there’s also a latte taster set consisting of five colourful options in a cute little tray- I was eyeing up the table next to me enviously with a bit of FOMO. (P.S. I just stalked Instagram and saw the exact same table post up photos under the Duck Duck Goose location tag HAHA. Bless you Instagram.)

Beef Stew – cinnamon / star anise / annatto oil / toasted bread ($18.00)

The Vietnamese influence comes through in this dish and it was very reminiscent of my mum’s Bò kho albeit more toned down to fit into the cafe’s setting. A small plate of bread and butter was also provided to dunk in and mop up all the sauce.

Spicy Mushroom Ragout – overnight cooked mushroom / toasted brioche / poached eggs / crispy leek & seaweed topping ($18.00)


Of course I couldn’t go past the dish. The blend of overnight stewed mushrooms had a surprising kick to the earthy flavours. Served on an indulgent toasted brioche with a perfectly poached egg and a sprinkle of nutty toppings, it was a wonderful and hearty start to the day.

Duck Curry – spicy homemade curry sauce / twice cooked fries / winter veges ($24.00)

This was hands down the best curry I have ever eaten. The meat of the duck teared apart lusciously like a pulled pork that had been slow cooking for hours, and the sauce was just a wonderful hug of spices and warmth. The greens were blanched nice and simply- nothing more was needed to compliment the star of the show.

The next few dishes were given complimentary. Below is another fusion dish of fried chicken and a side salad to be wrapped up in mini kimchi pancakes.


Chocolate mousse cake with orange liquor
Hojicha Latte

A simple latte it is not. We were told the blend of teas for the hojicha was sourced and mixed by An the barista himself, and sweetened with a touch of maple syrup to enhance the toasty rice flavour. It’s not on the menu yet, but already sips along great with cakes and sweets.

With the co-owners being the chef and the barista (also from Atomic Kitchen), you can see what a wonderful thing it is to be able to have free reign and to allow the creative juices to flow. The entire menu oozes character and charm and my only regret is that I don’t live in the vicinity.

Duck Duck Goose | 6/56 Apollo Drive, Rosedale | website

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2 thoughts on “Duck Duck Goose

  1. This place sounds amazing! I wouldn’t normally opt for French Toast but I really want to try theirs! Perhaps I would need to go a few times though as I definately would like to try other things off their menu first.

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