The Glass Goose: Frosé + Prosé

If you haven’t been to this rooftop bar and eatery yet, I urge you to. Situated outside SkyCity beside the infamous Depot and Federal Delicatessen on Federal Street, The Glass Goose is designed to mimic the look and feel of a glasshouse to provide an abundance of natural sunlight in the day, and twinkling views of the Sky Tower and gorgeous city lights at night. The contemporary fit-out incorporates splashes of greenery to exude cosmopolitan vibes and makes a great setting for those after-work drinks, date nights, or social gatherings.

This will be the third time I’m writing about The Glass Goose on my blog (previous posts here and here); this time, because they have release of new frozen cocktails!

Introducing, the Frosé ($17.00) and the Prosé ($17.00):

Prosé (left) and Frosé (right)

I’m sure by now that everyone knows that Frosé = frozen Rosé. The classic summer staple has been given a bit of a twist at The Glass Goose by churning the Pinot Gris Rosé with Stoneleigh’s newest drop The Latitude for three hours to create a smooth Frosé blend. Served with sour pomegranate and topped with strawberry and mint, the resulting blend becomes floral, fresh, and fruity.

The lesser known creation Prosé is similar, but made with Prosecco. After a quick-whipped freeze, the sparkling drop is dusted with sea-salt, garnished with petals, and served with a cloud of candyfloss. It’s sweeter, more zesty and has a less pronounced taste of alcohol than the Frosé.

Being our first meal of the day at 3:30 pm, we were incredibly hangry and ordered some sustenance to accompany the beautiful cocktails (we were so food coma’d after, it ended up being our only meal of the day haha). To start, we had the Chilli wagyu beef lettuce cup ($5.00) and of course could not pass up on the Duck fat potato skins, garlic, rosemary, aioli ($12.00) too.

Chilli wagyu beef lettuce cup

The sauce was wonderfully garlicky and gingery but sadly overpowered the flavour of the wagyu itself which made it hard to appreciate and discern the premium delicacy of meat from regular cuts. I love sauce but the beef was being drowned in it here. The texture of the meat however, was tender and complemented well with the fresh and crunchy lettuce cup.

Duck fat potato skins, garlic, rosemary, aioli

I’ve had these numerous times. These generously sized potato skins were crispy and fluffy but this visit seemed to be lacking the duck fat, garlic, and rosemary flavour components listed in the menu. Also, only one potato skin was seasoned with salt so the others required a generous sprinkle from the grinders provided on the tables.

From the medium section of the menu, the obvious choice had to be the Chilli clams, miso butter, celery leaf ($22.00).

Chilli clams, miso butter, celery leaf
Chilli clams, miso butter, celery leaf

This was nothing short of wow. Despite the flavours sounding strong, the dish was beautifully balanced. The butter mellowed down the salty miso and turned the soup into a rich and lightly creamy broth, which may I add was equally satisfying when dunked into with the ciabatta bread.

From the large plates, we went for the Roasted duck breast, ginger, bok choy ($32.00)

Roasted duck breast, ginger, bok choy
Roasted duck breast, ginger, bok choy

Considering this eatery isn’t even classified as Asian-Fusion eatery, it’s rather ironic that they do it better than the majority of restaurants those under that category. We could smell the duck cooking from the aromatic Chinese five spice wafting from the kitchen into the courtyard, and the sauce / gravy that the bed of rice noodles and bok choy were sitting atop was exactly the same as that of braised chicken feet you’d find at yum cha. I’m talking about UMAMI HEAVEN. I was thinking that egg noodles would have complemented the dish better but after looking back at the menu, I realised it had the dairy-free tick in consideration of the allergen population. Fear not all you gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and raw-based consumers, this place has you covered.

I don’t know if blogging about this place three times is any indication that it’s good, but just in case that point was missed, this place is pretty darn good.


The Glass Goose | 78 Federal Street, Auckland | website


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