Papparich Sylvia Park

Hooray for better dining options at Sylvia Park! New Zealand is finally catching up to the impressive range of cafes and restaurants you’d find in shopping malls overseas, and Papparich is the kind of choice that everyone can enjoy. The store at Sylvia Park signifies its second branch in New Zealand. I was invited to […]

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Small Fry Cafe

In the humble suburbs of Pakuranga comes Small Fry Cafe in the Te Tuhi art gallery, run by Ruby White aka Miss Changy. Known from her restaurant pop ups and homemade crockery, she’s settled down into a permanent home with this new eatery which already made Metro Top 10 Cafes 2017 within two months of […]

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Taste of Auckland 2017

My favourite food festival just gets better and better every year. If you have only one foodie event you can attend, make sure it’s Taste of Auckland. This huge outdoor festival located in Western Springs is always abuzz with excitement and of course, food. There’s a huge line up of exhibitors showcasing their great products […]

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Once Strangers

Once Strangers. But upon leaving this cute cafe, you will no longer be. This relatively new eatery on Eden Terrace is an bus ride or walk from uni, making it a great way to fill in those long breaks between classes. However, if you’re driving in like I did, be prepared to hunt around a […]

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Long time no post! Apologies for the delay as I was away on a trip to Japan (visited 8 cities in 20 days woohoo), and have been either stuck in the lab or in the office to be able to go out brunching (or just extremely exhausted on a day off) since I’ve come back. […]

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Ampersand Eatery

“I need to go there one day”, I would always muse to myself asΒ the Orakei basin walkway flashed past when I used to take the train to uni everyday. The opening of Ampersand Eatery was a glaring reminder that I still had never set an actual foot into the region and I figured it was […]

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