Long time no post! Apologies for the delay as I was away on a trip to Japan (visited 8 cities in 20 days woohoo), and have been either stuck in the lab or in the office to be able to go out brunching (or just extremely exhausted on a day off) since I’ve come back. […]

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Ampersand Eatery

“I need to go there one day”, I would always muse to myself as the Orakei basin walkway flashed past when I used to take the train to uni everyday. The opening of Ampersand Eatery was a glaring reminder that I still had never set an actual foot into the region and I figured it was […]

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Vodka Room

If you feel that the Auckland dining scene has become rather monotonous lately, Vodka Room is the place to be. Located in the heart of Ponsonby, this Russian-inspired venue (obviously because, vodka) makes a statement with its bold and slightly eccentric decor. The gilted gold chandeliers with mismatched, plush velvet chairs is a perfect reminiscence of the […]

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Cornwall Park Cafe

Situated in the most idyllic setting lies Cornwall Park cafe in, you guessed it, Cornwall Park. The fit out was simple and exuded relaxed, Sunday family picnic vibes. I highly recommend you visit on a sunshiny day to take advantage of the outdoor dining area by the grass- no need to pack a picnic. There […]

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Winona Forever

Parnell has welcomed a new eatery which has hit the ground running, and captured the hearts of diners from the get-go. The rainy day did not seem to deter anybody and even at 1:30 ish pm, the cafe looked as though lunch rush hour had just started. You may find that the cabinet of food looks every […]

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Meadow Restaurant is located in Meadowbank, and I fall in love with it again and again each time I visit. It’s the perfect place for sophisticated dining while still being tranquil and relaxing. The design remains one of my favourite restaurants to date- the navy blue hues with white furniture, offset with green hedges gives […]

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Bestie Cafe

I love unexpected finds. As I am someone who tends to make bad decisions when forced to think on the spot, it is rare that I venture out to somewhere new completely unaware of anything about it to avoid disaster. We were initially headed for the much raved about Gemmayze St but did not take into […]

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