Taste of Auckland 2017

My favourite food festival just gets better and better every year. If you have only one foodie event you can attend, make sure it’s Taste of Auckland. This huge outdoor festival located in Western Springs is always abuzz with excitement and of course, food. There’s a huge line up of exhibitors showcasing their great products […]

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Taste of Auckland 2016

I have been blessed to have been able to attend a lot of foodie events this year, but Taste of Auckland definitely tops the list. This is not my first visit, and it gets better and better each time so you never feel like you’re re-living the previous years. My friend and I were lucky enough to […]

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Ted Baker

If there is one brand that I feel is the epitome of my own personal style, it would be Ted Baker. The simple, chic designs, the quality of the fabric, the florals, and the combination of cute with elegant is exactly the kind of look I love.

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Winter Lookbook

Most likely you’ll find me wearing this outfit if this cold, sunny kind of weather keeps up, otherwise, it will be back to my “throw on whatever as fast and as lazily as possible” ensemble.

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Manukau Heads Lighthouse

Located a 1.5 hour drive away from Auckland Central is the Manukau Heads Lighthouse, a mini version of the Cape Reinga Lighthouse up north. The drive is scenic and calming as you drink in the views of the sprawling, rolling hills and swirl through the mountains, climbing higher and higher. If you’re a curious and slightly morbid […]

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