Protected: Half a dozen

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Duck Duck Goose

I’ve always been envious of the abundance of dining options over the shore. My list of places-to-go in that region has been increasing over the years without the usual out-flux of checking them off slowly due to the distance. Duck Duck Goose has only been open for two months but the menu was so creative and […]

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Long time no post! Apologies for the delay as I was away on a trip to Japan (visited 8 cities in 20 days woohoo), and have been either stuck in the lab or in the office to be able to go out brunching (or just extremely exhausted on a day off) since I’ve come back. […]

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Ampersand Eatery

“I need to go there one day”, I would always muse to myself as the Orakei basin walkway flashed past when I used to take the train to uni everyday. The opening of Ampersand Eatery was a glaring reminder that I still had never set an actual foot into the region and I figured it was […]

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Vodka Room

If you feel that the Auckland dining scene has become rather monotonous lately, Vodka Room is the place to be. Located in the heart of Ponsonby, this Russian-inspired venue (obviously because, vodka) makes a statement with its bold and slightly eccentric decor. The gilted gold chandeliers with mismatched, plush velvet chairs is a perfect reminiscence of the […]

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Po’ Brothers revisited

Po’ Brothers is the sort of place you can easily station as your “go-to” eatery for dining out. The variety of options, affordable prices, and smart-casual dining room makes it an easy option all round. Upon my second visit, we decided to try a few things from their new menu, as well as some favourites that […]

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